Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an activity or course?

How to book an Activity or Course: (Video)

What happens once I have booked an Activity or Course?

You will receive a booking confirmation email to the email address you provided when registering for an account. This email will show the details of the booking which will include the activity or course name, the date and time of the activity/course and the name of the young person you have booked onto the course. The email will also tell you the status of your bookin, which will either be 'Accepted', 'Pending', or 'Waiting List'.

Who does the status of my booking mean?

Some of our activities/courses will auto-accept your booking, whilst others require a different process due to the popularity of the course and the limited number of spaces available. Therefore, when booking onto these activities/course, your confirmation email will be slightly different. Pending Your booking will say 'pending' when you have booked a place onto one of our more popular activities. You will then receive an email two weeks before the activity is due to take place, to let you know if you have been succesful in getting a place or not. (Please note, if your status for a BACE Holidays booking is pending, this is because your young person does not meet the criteria for the activity you have tried to book). Waiting List You will be placed onto the waiting list when an activity is fully booked and there are no more spaces available. You will remain on the waiting list and if any cancellations occur, spaces on the activity will be allocated in booking date order to those on the waiting list. Accepted You have been accepted onto the activity/course you have booked. Dropped Out If your young person can no longer attend the activity/course they are booked onto and the activity has already begun, you will have the option in your dashboard to 'drop out' of the activity. This is the same as cancelling. If you drop out of an activity via your dashboard, or by speaking to a member of the Positive Activities Team, the status of your booking will change to 'dropped out'. Cancelled When you cancel your booking through your dahsboard, or by speaking to a member of the Positive Activities Team, the status of you booking will change to 'cancelled'.

How do I manage my bookings?

You can view and manage all of your bookings through your dashboard here: https://barnetyouth.uk/myspace_barnet_activities.aspx How to get to your dashboard: (Video)

My young person can no longer make it to the activity I have booked. How do I cancel my booking?  

You can cancel your booking through your dashboard here: https://barnetyouth.uk/myspace_barnet_activities.aspx How to cancel a booking: (Video)

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

As our activities are currently FREE, this does not apply. However, we do not offer refunds on paid activities or courses unless there is a significant change of circumstances, which can be discussed with a member of the Positive Activities team.

What if my young person misses a session?

If you know that your young person is going to miss a session, please get in touch with us. If a significant amount of the course will be missed and we are informed within 72hrs prior to the session, we will be able to release their space and either transfer your booking to a future date, or provide you with a credit note. If we are informed with less than 48hrs notice this may not be possible.