Frequently Asked Questions

What type of activities and courses do you do?

We have a range of activities and courses within the following areas: Arts, Business & Careers, Educational, Media & Music, Outdoor Activities, Performing Arts, Skills for Life, Sports, Fitness & Wellbeing & Volunteering.


When does Positive Activities run?

Positive Activities run throughout the entire year – during the term-time and during the school holidays.

How much do the activities and courses cost? 

At present, all positive activities are fully funded and there is no cost to the parent/ carer or young person.

How do I pay?

At present, all of our term-time and Holiday Activities are completely FREE!!

Can you book my chosen activity for me over the phone?  

All bookings need to be made online using our website booking system. If you are having difficulty in booking your activity, please call the contact centre on: 0208 359 3100 and they will help you.

Can my young person just turn up to an activity and take part?

No, for a number of reasons, including Health & Safety, Safeguarding and course capacity, you cannot just turn up to an activity and take part. If you arrive with a young person who is not booked in, you will be turned away. We do, however, have a DofE drop in session that runs every Thursday evening at Canada Villa Young People’s Cente 5pm – 8pm.

What ages can attend Positive Activities? 

Child and Family Early Help works with 0-19 year olds and up to 25 years with Disabilities and / or Autism. Each activity or course on our website will show an age range. You can search for the appropriate courses through the ‘search’ button.

My young person has additional needs. How can you help?

Positive Activities are fully inclusive (as well as all other delivery provided by the service), and we try to support all children and young people. It is important that we are informed of any additional needs your young person has, so we can support them in the best way possible and ensure they get the very best out of the activity or course they are taking part in. . There is an SEND Survey that you can complete for your young people providing details of their additional needs.

My young person requires 1-to-1 support. Do you provide this? 

If your young person needs 1:1 support, unfortunately we (Barnet Council’s Child & Family Early Help Programmes Team) aren’t able to provide 1:1 or additional support for a young person to access any of our activities, courses or programmes. Your 1:1 support worker would need to be provided by you as a parent/carer or any professionals (Social Worker/ 0-19 Practitioner etc) involved with your young person. The worker providing 1:1 support would need to be DBS checked and meet all the requirements to support a young person with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities and or Autism). Also the worker can be arranged by contacting the Short Breaks Team or Disabled Children’s Team and using your Short Breaks allocation. If you don’t have knowledge about these two teams please know that you can contact them and find out if your child is eligible: -
Short Breaks: - https://www.barnet.gov.uk/children-and-families/children-and-young-people-disabilities/disabled-childrens-activities-short-0
0-25 Disability Service: - https://www.barnet.gov.uk/children-and-families/children-and-young-people-disabilities/0-25-disability-service

What if my child requires medication whilst at the activity?

Staff are not able to administer any medication. If your young person requires medication during the activity, they must administer their own medication. All medical needs must be specified in your dashboard prior to attendance

Where will the activity take place?

Face-to-Face provision takes place at a number of venues throughout the London Borough of Barnet. On our website, each activity will display the address of the venue it is taking place at. If there are any changes to the venue, we will notify you via email. If you have trouble finding the venue address, please call 0208 359 3100 and ask for “the Barnet Youth Support Line”.

What does my young person need to bring to the activity or course?

All resources and equipment required during the activity will be provided. However, if your young person has their own equipment they would like to bring in, they are more than welcome to. Please ensure your young person brings a bottle of water with them. Your young person is welcome to bring snacks with them, but please ensure you consider other people’s allergies and remember all of our activities are NUT-FREE ZONES. Food is not provided during Positive Activities. We recommend taking the unpredictable English weather into consideration with regards to your young person's clothing, as well as considering whether they will need sun cream, a sun hat, waterproofs, or warmer clothing - none of which will be provided by us. Please ensure all items brought to our activities are clearly labelled with your Young Person's name. Please ensure no valuable toys or belongings are brought with them.*

*Positive Activities and our partner providers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Any personal equipment brought in is brought at your own risk and the service is not responsible for any loss or damage.

Can my child be in the same group as a friend or sibling if they are different ages?

Unfortunately, if the young people are not within the activity or course age range, they will be unable to book the same activity. However, we do have a number of suitable activities for all ages. If your child would like to be grouped with friends, or family please can both parents/carers let the tutor know before the workshop..

What happens if someone else needs to pick up my young person? 

There is a field on the registration form to specify the name and contact number of the people who can collect your young person. Only these people can collect the young person. If for some reason your young person needs to be picked up by someone else, you MUST inform the Positive Activities team

Is there parking at the venues the activities or courses take place at? 

Our courses run from a number of venues throughout the London Borough of Barnet. Not all of the venues allow access to, or have on-site parking, or have a waiting area for you to wait for your young person Therefore, we advise you have noted the correct address of the venue and look-up suitable travel options and/or parking.