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Cookery Class

Fri, 23 Dec 2022, 10:00 - Sat, 23 Dec 2023, 12:00

Sat, 24 Dec 2022, 00:00 - Sun, 24 Dec 2023, 00:00

Years From
8   To   15

Canada Villa Young People’s Activity Centre

Canada Villa Youth Centre

Pursley Road


Multi-day event
Face to Face


Join us on this cooking workshop at Canada Villa Youth Centre. This is a Parent and Child Activity for SEND children to take part ages 8-15. Parent/Carers are to join in and support their child.

Bread n Butter is a local Barnet based enterprise that teaches the basic life skill of cooking and healthy, independent and sustainable living.

During this hands-on cookery workshops the aim is to inspire and empower children to be able to prepare and cook healthy dishes from scratch. 

The morning session is a two hour session, for up to 10 young people. 


Main: Paprika Chicken with Chipolte Rice

Dessert: Minced Pies

All meat will be halal and vegetarian option available each day.

Important: Please make us aware of any dietary requirements or allergy information prior to the cooking session. 

What to do next? Every young person MUST go through the process below to access the course.

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2. If your application has been successful you will receive an email confirming your child's place
3. Turn up to your chosen course and have FUN!
Don’t forget to spread the word to other young people within Barnet! Watch this space for new and exciting courses that will be advertised on the Barnet Youth website! Please note: All courses are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of the Barnet Children's Service.
Please note parents/carers will not be able to park in the Staff car park. There is free parking on all the side roads 2 minutes walk from Canada Villa Young People's Centre.

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ's page here Click Here- you may find the answer you are looking for!

BACE Holidays is for children aged 4 to16 (Reception-Year 11) who are in receipt of benefit-related Free School Meals who school in the Borough of Barnet. Complete the sign up registration and sign up to our Barnet Youth First newsletter to be notified of any new activities throughout the year. You will need to provide your proof of eligabilty of benefit-related Free School Meals via a WONDE e-Voucher issued by your school when booking and on the first day of your activity.  If your child is not in receipt of benefit-related Free School Meals you can access the Positive Activities offer for all children here.

Each activity / camp will have or see details of particular activities:

  • A physical element, such as multi-sports activities, which could include football, cricket or athletics.
  • A creative activity, such as arts and crafts, circus skills or performing arts.
  • All activities will incorporate health and nutritional education and awareness around health and well-being.
  • LUNCH/Take n Make/Snack bags will be provided.

These activities will be run by organisations in the community, all professionals will be DBS checked, insured and qualified.



Your child/ young person should attend their pre-booked activities wearing appropriate, comfortable clothing that is suitable for the weather, as some activities will take place outdoors.


Please ensure your child has sun protection for sunny days and water-proof clothing for rainy days. Your child will also need to bring a refillable bottle of water with their name on it.  

Asthma or Allergies:

If your child uses an inhaler or epi pen. You MUST ensure that they bring this along with them and notify the activity manager, if you don’t your child will not be allowed into the activity.


Please do not bring to camp any valuables or tech gadgets to activities. London Borough of Barnet, Children's Service and the activity provider are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.


  • Activities will differ each day and will be suitable for different age groups.
  • This is a face-to-face activity.
  • Children and young people will need to attend all dates booked. Any no shows may result in future suspension of bookings and activities
  • Parents and carers will not be able to wait on site for the duration of the activity.
  • There will be drop-off and collection points only - parking will need to be found off-site.
  • If your child has a disability and/or autism and requires 1:1 support/ personal care please email:- BACEHolidays@barnet.gov.uk
  • All courses are subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of the London Borough of Barnet, Children's Service. 

Go to www.barnetyouth.uk/BACE-Holidays for our FAQs and to access resources.

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  2. If your application has been successful you will receive an email confirming your child/ young person’s place.
  3. Turn up to your chosen course and have FUN!
Bread n Butter CIC


Our Vision

For everyone to be able to feed themselves and their families with healthy nutritious food whilst being environmentally aware

Our Mission

To help disadvantaged communities make more informed lifestyle choices to maximise their health and wellbeing

Our Objectives

To give marginalised individuals the skills and confidence to be able to cook simple, tasty and healthy dishes at home

To empower individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices to combat their increasing risk of health-related illnesses

To bring people and communities together through the medium of food thereby tackling isolation, depression and community fragmentation

To give individuals a voice to be able to address matters that concern them and have the confidence to realise their potential

To always consider how our actions impact on our environment

Each child MUST have a WONDE e-voucher issued by their school. Only benefit-related Free School Meal Children will receive a voucher code.