Our Providers

Planet Junko Creations

The joy of JUNKO is that it's not a pre-defined toy kit, or a kit where you just attach one junk item to complete the toy. Rather, it becomes part of pretty much any size junk model allowing kids the freedom and creativity to make whatever they want. JUNKO can integrate into existing play and toys. We hope it's a new way of thinking for creative kids and parents...for instance don’t buy a plastic car for your favourite doll, make one, then make another better one! Make vehicles for your favourite action figures. JUNKO even has bobbles so you can attach your figures from that famous plastic brick company. Make a doll's house, a castle, a speed boat... it's all possible with JUNKO, junk, and imagination.



Performing Arts (Dance & Musical Theatre) with Fixation Academy

Fixation Academy is a welcoming place for all to flourish, learn and grow. Our team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of the performance industry to provide quality training in disciplines acting, singing, dance, drama and musical theatre for ages 4-18 and adults. 



Fitness Fun with PT Loren Jacobs

Fitness Fun is designed for each individual. This session will be geared towards finding out from the group what they want to work on body wise and what’s their wants to strengthen, build stamina or increase flexibility. Once everyone can share what they want to improve then appropriate workout will be formed in which the whole group will learn what workouts do what for different parts of their body.

Art with Figuration

Blurb: Figuration is led by co-founders Roy Joseph Butler and Leo Crane and are supported by a wide network of talented creatives. Using drawing, painting or even collage, Figuration can help young people and children make a poster that celebrates the healthy foods you eat and all the things it helps you do.



Empowerment & Motivation with Natalie Naaman

I have a strong passion for health, wellness and mindset, and I believe that having a strong and disciplined mindset is the key to achieving the results that you want, whether that's mentally, physically, and most importantly, both!


Healthy Eating with Phunky Foods

The Phunky Foods mission is to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of young children across the UK by helping to create supportive learning environments for health in early years settings and primary schools. Rapid increases in childhood obesity prevalence means that we must help empower children, alongside their families and communities, to take control over their wellbeing to enable them to live longer, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.



Yoga with Yoga Rap

Yoga Rap is a whole Yoga class is accompanied by music Founded by Creative Director Veronica Youdell. Throughout the sessions, voice and movements will be synched to the beat of the music playing. Each time you hear Veronica say "YO!GA" that is the cue to listen and repeat the rap affirmation. The aim of Yoga Rap is to help all feel positive about yourself and boosts your self-confidence. They also aim to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance. Whilst taking part in these sessions young people will be able to calm and focus the mind. Young people and children will also benefit by reducing and releasing negativity, worry, fear and anxiety experienced in daily life.


Circus Skills with Nearly There Yet

Nearly There Yet uses creative, physical work to excite, engage, and entertain. They connect people through an ordinary approach to the extraordinary worlds of circus and performance. Their performances are a mix of work targeted to adults and families and young people, made for both in- and outdoor spaces. As a company, they aim to present work which is relevant to range of experiences and perspectives and are committed to developing circus as an inclusive art form and industry.


Emotions & Understanding Workshop - Pro-Action

Pro-Action’s vision is for “Every young person in Hertfordshire to access safe, high quality opportunities and provision to enhance their growth, development and well-being.” Pro-Action have also been expanded their services to deliver work and sessions with young people within the Barnet of borough. Pro-Action support and encourage the leaders and volunteers who provide those opportunities. As an organisation, children and young people means everyone between the ages of 5 and 18 (including 19 -25 year olds with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities).



Fun Football sessions

In partnership with the 4 UK Football Associations, we are providing hundreds of free sessions of football delivered by our team of fully qualified coaches in over 600 locations across the UK during 2021. All sessions follow the latest Government announcements and are designed with our UKFA partners and their latest grassroots guidance.


Give. Help. Share

Give. Help. Share are teachers by trade who have worked towards providing children in need with free healthy take away food boxes during lockdown. Not only do we want to offer free food, but it is equally important to us that we offer nutritious, plant-based food with an additional aim of re-educating families on healthy food choice. Give. Help. Share. Has teamed up with the borough of Barnet to provide online resources to help educate families, young people and children that healthy meals aren’t as expensive as we sometimes feel


Chickenshed Tales

Chickenshed is a pioneering and inclusive company that makes beautiful and inspirational theatre. We bring together people of all ages and from all backgrounds to produce outstanding theatre that entertains, inspires, challenges, and informs both audiences and participants alike. Our vision is a society that enables everyone to flourish, and Chickenshed’s mission is to create entertaining and outstanding theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change.



Bread & Butter

Bread & butter are a Barnet based company who aim to help disadvantaged communities make more informed lifestyle choices to maximise their health and wellbeing. They work to give marginalised individuals the skills and confidence to be able to cook simple, tasty, and healthy dishes at home. As a company, they work towards to bring people and communities together through the medium of food thereby tackling isolation, depression, and community fragmentation. To give individuals a voice to be able to address matters that concern them and have the confidence to realise their potential. To always consider how our actions impact on our environment.


Barnet Mencap

Barnet Mencap provides a range of services for children and adults. We campaign with people with learning disabilities and people with autism and their families to secure high quality services and support in the borough. Barnet Mencap is the leading charity for children and adults with learning disabilities and their families in the London Borough of Barnet.




The Good Play Guide's Home Learning Hub helps parents and families, and anyone involved with children’s development find fun ways to promote learning - think of it as hiding the veggies in the pasta sauce. They want to foster children’s curiosity and sense of wonder, and we also know that they need to learn to read, write count etc to thrive. As a company, Good play Guide do not believe you should have to choose between having fun and learning important skills so our approach promotes activities that develop the whole child, from reading and writing to confidence and communication, and does so in a way that enables them to celebrate their individuality.